Monkeys are probably among of the most popular and interesting animals in the world. There are a number of monkey varieties. New world monkeys are distinguished from the old world monkeys of Africa and Asia by certain features of appearance and size. The new world monkeys (platyrrhines) are small to medium-sized. They have wide circular nostrils and long tails, which are prehensile or semi-prehensile. They do not have cheek pouches and buttock pads. Prehensile tails can be called an extra hand that helps a monkey swing, touch and grasp things. Spider monkeys, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, owl and wooly monkeys are some of the new world monkey’s representatives. Spider monkeys are found in South and Central America. The Spider monkey has very long limbs and prehensile tails, which makes it look like a spider. Spider monkeys have no thumbs on their hands. When walking, these monkeys carry their arms above their head. Capuchin monkeys inhabit Central and South America. There are several types of Capuchin monkeys: white-throated, black capped, cinnamon and weeper. Old world monkeys of Africa and Asia belong to the family Cercopithecinae. They are diurnal, larger than the new world monkeys and have somewhat different physical features. Vervet Guenons, the representative of the old world monkeys, live in South and East Africa. The skin on their face is cream colored when they are born and it turns black by the time they reach the age of six months. Macaques are large and powerful animals inhabiting southern Asia. Some varieties of Macaques are: the Japanese Macaque, the Barbary ape and the Rhesus Macaque. Monkeys range in size from the Pygmy Marmoset to the Muriqui monkeys of Brazil.

sea dragons

Sea dragons are fish.

They do look a bit like dragons!

They are relatives of seahorses.

They hide by looking like floating seaweed.

They live in the sea in Australia.

What are they?
Sea dragons are fish. They are a type of seahorse. There are Leafy sea dragons and the smaller Weedy sea dragons.

Habitat and Distribution (Where are they found?)
They are found in shallow seas around the southern and western shores of Australia.

Appearance and Behaviours
They grow flaps and extensions that look like leaves and weeds. As they swim about, they look like pieces of floating seaweed. They are called leafy or weedy sea dragons because of this camouflage and because they resemble dragons.

Sea dragons have small fins on the neck and back close to the tail. They are transparent, and move to and fro gently to move the sea dragons through the water. They are not strong swimmers however. They do not have the sort of tail that can hold onto plants to keep them anchored like their relatives, the seahorses. This means they are often tossed onto shore in a storm.

Life Cycle
Females lay their eggs on the tale of the male sea dragon, who protects them until they hatch.

Conservation Status and Threats
Sea dragons are endangered because of sea pollution, and also because divers capture them to keep them as pets. It is illegal to have these rare creatures as pets however. They are protected by the Australian Government

volcanoe story

 Bang!The enormous,bad and red velvet,scarlet like volcanoe exploded over the beautiful,colourful and very small village compared to the boiling hot lavery volcanoe that was spewing out bright red scorching hot lava that was heading straight for the people below.

It was throwing giant red boulders that looked like chocolate pods with craters in them.The huge cloud of smoke  was suffocating the people below as they could feel the scorching hot lava dissolve their legs away.

Abay(anna bay)

Anna bay is an awesome.There is a beach and a skate park which is alright but it is going to be better with a spine.

this is what the spine looks like.

and here’s a  skatepark design

i would defo skate at these parks

Anna bay is cool with all the friendly people and nice beaches.I recomend this place to live in. 

cool math

Cool math is a very cool site that kids like.there are many games on it and most are educational.the educational games are challenging and smart at the same time when there are games like balloons tower defence 3 and many more

balloons tower defence three is a skilled game where you have to shoot balloons with monkeys and there are different monkeys thathave certain upgrades and can destroy balloons quicker.Here is a epic photo

pretty epic photo.

see ya

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Hey everybody I’m back and just this weekend we had our school fete!It was so much fun with all the dancing and the singing oh it was just too much fun.There was so many rides and stalls with yummy cakes and lollies and games to play like balloon darts and knock down the teacher were you had to throw a ball at funny photos of the teachers.there were many rides like the dragster slide,jumping castle,gladiator duel,rock climbing and the flying chairs.I was really good at the gladiator duel and the rides really fun.The school fete was fun and exciting.

by Gleny.Peace out bra.


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